Bruce Banner Shatter



Effects: Relaxation, happiness, euphoria, sedation

THC content of nearly 30 percent.


Bruce Banner Shatter

Bruce Banner is a Sativa-dominant cultivar developed by crossing OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel strains. This shatter is composed of large pieces that are easy to work with. The taste is a perfect blend of its heritage strains: pungent OG taste on the inhale, citrus & sweet fruit on the exhale.

65-75% average THC level is noted for a particularly robust analgesic effect: this concentrate is very well suited to users looking for intervention with pain symptoms. Initial high is uplifting and euphoric with a soothing head buzz. As the high progresses, relaxation deepens into a pleasing heaviness that melts into gentle sedation. Ideal for nighttime use to combat symptoms of stress, pain, migraines, inflammation, fatigue, and insomnia.

Bruce Banner Shatter Potency

Shatter is an especially potent form of concentrate, with a THC content ranging anywhere from 70-90 percent. This is about five times as potent as unrefined cannabis flower in which the THC content rarely exceeds 30 percent. As with most concentrates, however, the exact potency level varies from strain to strain.


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