Godfather OG Shatter


1 gram

HC content ranging anywhere from 70-90 percent.


Godfather OG Shatter

Godfather OG Shatter is an award-winning indica cross between XXX OG and Alpha OG. The prominent sedative properties of this strain have made it one of the most popular medical strains in the industry. Godfather OG is recognized by its gorgeously dense purple nugs and incredibly thick trichome coat. This strain boasts a kushy, spicy aroma as well as a peppery, herbal flavor with subtle grape undertones.

Godfather OG Potency

Shatter is an especially potent form of concentrate, with a THC content ranging anywhere from 70-90 percent. This is about five times as potent as unrefined cannabis flower in which the THC content rarely exceeds 30 percent. As with most concentrates, however, the exact potency level varies from strain to strain.


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