Jack the Ripper Strain Online


THC: 15% – 20%

Creative, Euphoria, Happy
May Relieve 
Depression, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress


Jack the Ripper Strain Online

Jack the Ripper Strain Online is the flagship hybrid marijuana strain from Subcool’s The Dank, and it was created to make his famous Jack’s Cleaner in seed form. Described by many as the fastest lemon Haze available to date, it was created by crossing a Jack’s Cleaner clone with a vigorous Space Queen male known as Space Dude. Featuring incredibly resinous, triangle-shaped buds and an intense spicy, lemon-pine aroma, Jack the Ripper is a relatively short strain. Effect may be intense and visually stimulating.

The THC content averages less than 15%, though some breeders claim levels as high as 26%. While it’s not the world’s most powerful strain, it delivers effective medical relief to many people. The sativa/indica ratio of Jack the Ripper is 70:30, so the high is focused mostly on the head. Some patients experience dry mouth or red eyes, while paranoia is also possible.




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