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high potency. Over 80-90%+ THC


Kurvana disposable vape pen

Kurvana ascnd vape cartridge Online Europe, It is a culmination of the latest extraction science, advanced device technology and their full-spectrum oil for the purest expression of potency and quality. The line originated from a small, in-house project to create the most potent vape cartridge available without sacrificing purity or taste. Because highly potent cannabis oils yield subtle taste profiles, the ASCND profiles are mellow and light. Do not be misled by ASCND’s delicate taste and elegant device. With cannabinoid potencies reaching 95%, its effects are instant and intense.

kurvana kpen has the following characteristics;


  • firstly, Super High-Potency
  • secondly, Pure, High-Quality Concentrate
  • thirdly, Delicious True To Strain Flavor
  • also, Efficient CTEC Coil Heating System
  • Informative, Tamper-Proof Packaging


  • firstly, High Price Tag
  • secondly, Plastic Mouthpiece & Tube

Recommendations: Kurvana ASCND cartridge comes close to perfection in a cartridge. however, One concern is the 510 threads, which did not smoothly fit our Vessel Battery. This could be a manufacturing defect. Kurvana uses a plastic tube and mouthpiece, which could warp if left in the heat.

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