Raspberry Cough Shatter


1 gram

THC content ranging anywhere from 15-24 percent.


Raspberry Cough Shatter

Raspberry Cough Shatter is a potent hybrid bred from crossing ICE with Cambodian Landrace. Known for its smooth high and delicious taste, this strain is beloved by both medicinal and recreational users everywhere. The small, round nugs emit a sweet berry fragrance that carries over into a berry-licious flavor with hints of earthy nuttiness.

Raspberry Cough Potency

Shatter is an especially potent form of concentrate, with a THC content ranging anywhere from 70-90 percent. This is about five times as potent as unrefined cannabis flower in which the THC content rarely exceeds 30 percent. As with most concentrates, however, the exact potency level varies from strain to strain.


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