Spliffin Pure THC Cartridge Online


1g Potency: 70%+ THC


Spliffin Pure THC Cartridge Online

Spliffin Pure THC Cartridge Online Europe has been cultivating and extracting top quality cannabis for quite a while now and their pure THC cartridges aren’t any different. They are made to be used with a 510 type battery and have six different options to choose, 3 Indica Strains, a Jack Herer one, Super Lemon Haze and Tangie and 3 Sativa strains, Dante’s fire, Donna O.G. and Spliffin O.G.We’ve tried the super lemon Haze and we liked it a lot, the flavors were really good and we truly felt the effects. go to exotic420thcvapes.com spliffin cartridge review and get order cartridges online .


If you live in California and haven’t yet heard of Spliffin pen and spliffin cartridge you’re in for a treat. Spliffin produces top-notch cannabis oils, pre-filled in quality vape cartridges that are ready to go! Pure Good Vybes cartridges are highly concentrated cannabis oils rated at 70%+ THC.

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Tangie (Sativa), Jack Herer (Sativa), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), Spliffin OG (Indica), Dante’s Fire (Indica), Donna OG


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