Sticky Nepalese hashish Online EU



Sticky Nepalese hashish Online EU

Sticky Nepalese hashish Online EU is almost equal to that of Indian charas. The trichomes are extracted by carefully rubbing the flowers between the hands, falling on a canvas, and then collected and rolled into small balls.

  • Color:  Black on the outside, dark brown on the inside.
  • Consistency: The texture is usually a little tougher than Afghan hash. It will still be soft enough to be kneaded with just your hands. Very difficult to handle due to its sticky consistency. It gets sticky all the time, even after drying.
  • Potency:  It is one of the most powerful types of hashish. They say the best hash in the world comes from Nepal.
  • Availability:  Usually Nepalese hash is very expensive. In Amsterdam, the best hash that you will find in coffee shops will almost always be Nepalese. It is relatively rare to find the original, but when found you can be sure of an excellent experience.


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